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22Bet Odds: Elevate your wins

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Sports betting odds can help you determine if a bet is worthwhile. This page focuses on the types of odds available at 22Bet.

We’ll also look at how the sports odds work and the minimum odds you can place at 22Bet.


At 22Bet India, betting odds reveal the oddmaker’s opinion on an event. Odds give the winning probability of each team. They also show the amount of money you’re likely to win when you bet.

The displayed odds don’t indicate the actual likelihood that an event will occur (or not).

A win’s payout is never equal to what it would have been if the odds had accurately represented the chances.

This is so because the odds take into account 22Bet’s profit margin.


22Bet India offers 6 types of odds. You can change to your preferred format by clicking on the ODDS option. It’s directly below the REGISTRATION icon.

Here are the odds formats on the site:

Decimal Odds

Odds in Decimal format at 22Bet IndiaThe default 22Bet odds format is the decimal. That’s because, like in most countries, Indian players are more familiar with this format.

As the name implies, the decimal odds format has a decimal point. Let’s take a 2023 SYED MUSHTAQ ALI TROPHY event between Punjab and Baroda played on November 6th.

In decimal format, the pre-match odds for Punjab were 1.372 and 3.21 for Baroda.

This format is straightforward because you only need to multiply your stake and the odds to get the possible payout.

For example, if you wager 50 INR for Punjab to win, you’ll get 50 x 1.372 = 68.60 INR as your winnings.

US Odds

Odds in US format at 22Bet IndiaAlso known as the American odds, the US odds format is common in the USA. You can identify the format by looking at the negative or positive signs before the odds.

UK Odds

Odds in UK format at 22Bet IndiaAs the name implies, UK odds are most common in the UK and Ireland. This format is in the form of fractions.

Indonesian Odds

Odds in Indonesian format at 22Bet IndiaThere are two types of Indonesian odds at 22Bet – positive and negative. Negative odds come with a minus sign, while positive odds may or may not come with a plus sign.

Malaysian Odds

Odds in Malaysian format at 22Bet IndiaLike the American and Indonesian odds, the Malay odds come with negative and positive signs. The negative indicates the favorite, with the negative showing the underdogs.

Hong Kong Odds

Odds in Hong Kong format at 22Bet IndiaThe Honk Kong odds format comes with positive numbers. Like the decimal odds format, the numbers have decimals.


To place bets at 22Bet, you can bet on odds as low as 1.0. While payouts won’t be great, you’ll at least retain your stake.

With a low-odds betting strategy, you can spread your risk across several bets. This will prevent you from “putting all your eggs in one basket”. So, even if you lose, it won’t hurt you as much.

Also, betting on minimum odds maximizes your chances of winning. That’s because a team with low odds is usually the favorite, as it’s likely to win.

22bet India is an independent affiliate site and has no connection with the 22bet brand.

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